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Takatoshi Wastes No Time in Implementing Magic RIA

“Other development tools for RIA typically require separate development efforts for the server side and the client side of the system. Magic’s uniPaaS enables development of the entire system using a single language and in a single development effort. With uniPaaS, Takatoshi can also quickly modify our application to respond effectively to the needs of our users.”

Fujisawa Hiroshi, Director of Information Systems at Takatoshi.

Taskatoshi is a Japanese waste disposal company, specializing in the collection, transportation, treatment, and recycling of industrial waste.

Takatoshi leveraged the power and versatility of Magic Application Platform to rapidly develop a comprehensive solution that automates the entire manifest management, billing, and archiving process and can also be deployed on mobile devices running on the Windows Mobile operating system for use by truck drivers on the road.

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