About Integral

Welcome to the home of unique software solutions.

At integral we develop unique software solutions from the ground up. Incorporating unparalleled flexibility and delivering unrivaled streamlining, simplification and integration of business processes customised to meet the individual needs of different clients.

Integral represents a fresh perspective on software development and delivery!

Our Market-proven capabilities include made and ready-to-go software development within the Magic development environment, world-class security and industry standard compliance and support, application hosting and maintenance, internal business administration and systems integration.

Integrals ready to-go-applications

Integral’s Development Process


Is achieved faster as releases arrive at the customer more frequently.


Follows a continuous improvement cycle, exposing flaws faster reducing waste.

Advantages of the development Process:

  • Short development cycles
  • Wider market windows
  • Early customer feedback
  • Continuous improvement

Integral does all the work so you don’t have to!

We take a collaborative approach to software development through close liaison and consultation with clients. This is how we make sure our solutions are a perfect fit between strategic objectives, user requirements and return on investment for each client.

100% New Zealand Owned and Operated Since 1991

The Team Memebers at Integral are specialists in the Agile Methodology, which enables rapid delivery under an iterative, consultative and collaborative approach. Since its estabishment in 1991, Integral has become one of New Zealand’s most experienced and enduring market-leading developers of software solutions for business intelligence.
The Integral Team of highly experienced consultants services clients across diverse industries including :

General Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance and Insurance, Forestry Management, Food Manufacturing and Export, Health, Aerospace Manufacturing and Supply from our offices located in Auckland, Rotorua and Napier.

Custom Made Solutions

Future-Proof your business with Integral’s custom-made solutions. Integrals custom-made solutions include development, system integration and cloud computing.