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3 Methods to Manage your EDI

Why is it important to manage an EDI?

Managing an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is important because it helps businesses to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce errors.

  • Helps businesses to streamline their supply chain management processes.
  • Eliminates the errors that can occur with manual data entry.
  • Ensures that a company is meeting the necessary compliance requirements
  • Enables competitive advantage by improving its supply chain operations, reducing costs and providing better customer service.

Overall, managing an EDI system is essential for businesses that want to remain competitive and efficient in today’s global economy.

1st Method

Take the reins and manage it internally

Companies often use Magic xpi to build end-to-end EDI workflows. Magic xpi is doing the communication and translation, though it is limited in terms of the kinds of communication you can do.

The benefits of this approach:

Simplicity and low cost, especially in cases where the integration is simple, and if your professional services team has EDI experience.

2nd Method

Utilize an EDI service to complement your team

With this method, the communication side is handled.

But how do you connect to your systems?

Often providers have basic connectors, however, if you need to use logic or connect to multiple data sources, you can quickly grow even a fully featured provider.

Another downside to this method is that it often doesn’t fit your needs. companies find they need to add other EDI solutions to fill the gaps, however huddling multiple providers can become a cost and logistical nightmare.

3rd Final Method

More than ‘just’ EDI Integration as a service

Magic EDI Service Plaform

Utilizing an EDI service platform helps massively with managing all the core interactions with customers and the configuration of the software. This takes the burden away from your team allowing you to focus on your business, not the mechanics of EDI.


  • Support any data format – Magics tools support all forms and protocols. Their hub and spoke model is well suited to service needs.
  • Easily add trading partners – Extensive library of pre-built connections to add trading partners without the need for custom work quickly
  • Seamless workflow integrations – Reduces the work to connect with your systems
  • Complete visibility into every transaction -visibility into every transaction, so even though our team is managing the program, you get visibility via a dashboard and portal.
  • Multi-level live monitoring – if there is a problem, we are the first ones there and will get ahead of any issue
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