Magic® EDI Service Platform

Digitize and automate business processes.

The electronic data exchange between B2B partners through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables your company to continuously digitize and automate business processes. This results in more efficiency and agility, as well as cost savings per document.

Magic offers a standard solution for B2B integration and electronic data exchange with the Magic EDI Service Platform. Whether you are a customer, supplier or forwarding agent – you can now exchange data electronically with all your partners.

Designed to send and receive EDI documents.

When receiving an EDI document, a Magic xpi Business Process decides how to route the data into other systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM, JD Edwards etc., and calls an API using an application adapter.

Everything revolves around your connections

With over 5,000 ready-made partner profiles and 500,000+ daily transactions, you can rely on a stable and modern EDI Platform. In addition, keep your options open for further automation and integration to control all data flows through a single, modular platform. Over 100 pre-configured connectors to applications, databases, APIs, platforms and systems in the cloud offer you the possibility of uncomplicated integration – far beyond the connection of B2B partners.

Fast and Easy

Magic connects faster than ever and delivers all EDI B2B services on the Magic EDI Service Platform.

Magic EDI is an open Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS) based on the latest in-memory technologies and enables the digital transformation of companies through intelligent platform services.

Connect to the platform once and you can reach all partners and systems that are already connected.

Some Advantages:

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