Map Production Software

Atlas GeoMapper enables staff with minimal GIS training to easily produce clear, up-to-date forest maps for operational and reporting purposes.

Maps will automatically comply with business standards for map styles and symbology so that all maps have a consistent look. ATLAS GeoMapper supports a wide range of map types (e.g. Inventory, Harvesting, Compartment) each with its own specific layout.

Rapid production of maps and using approved mapping standardsMap styles and symbology are all preset to business standards. All maps will display key information such as author, date, logo etc (according to business policy).
Easy map productionMinimal GIS skills are required to produce maps since the appropriate layout and layers are automatically loaded.
Up-to-date maps produced as and when requiredMap designs are based on templates stored in a database. Maps can be created when required and uses do not need to save maps for re-use later on.
Easily interpreted maps Standard symbology and legends can be easily understood.
Values displayed from GeoMaster will be automatically updatedIf ATLAS GeoMaster is used, fields describing compartments, stands and operations will be updated each time a map is generated.
Map outputs to meet specific requirementsMaps can be printed or exported to file (pdf, jpeg, tiff). Paper size can be automatically selected depending on map scale and size, or paper size can be set depending on particular printing requirements.
Flexibility in map preparationStandard ArcMap Tools can be used to alter maps before printing.
Batch printing of mapsChoose map type, select focus items (e.g. stands, compartments, map grids), select a printer or file output and set the process going.

Users just select an area or event and directly produce a map that can be sent to a printer, exported to a file (e.g. PDF) or saved as an ArcMap Document

ATLAS GeoMapper can automatically select the most appropriate size and orientation of paper based on the default scale and size and shape of what is being mapped.

Integration with ATLAS GeoMaster ensures that details of compartments, stands and operations are up-to-date each time a map is generated. ATLAS GeoMapper can be used to create a one-off map or run in batch mode to create a series of maps.

ATLAS GeoMapper provides Administrator level tools for designing and managing map templates and implementing standard corporate-wide symbology. All map type definitions, templates and layer references are stored and managed in a central database, so there is no requirement to maintain template files.

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