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Success Story: King Jouet Consolidates Its Data Flows With Magic Software

About King Jouet

The King Jouet Group is a family-owned company founded in 1950. It opened its first store in 1989 and acquired the Maxi Toys chain in 2020 which saw it taking ownership of many more stores. With 345 stores in France, 22 in Belgium, 17 in Switzerland, and 4 in Luxembourg, a retail site launched in 2000, the Group aims to become the leading cross-channel player in the toy industry. Its mission is to innovate and make life easier for parents with multiple educational brands. It has new store formats such as King Okaz Stores that now also offer guaranteed store-hand toys that meet consumer expectations.

The problem

The project started in 2019 and was carried out in several stages. It aimed to provide all group entities with a single, modern, open, and scalable ERP solution.

“We launced a call for tenders in June 2020, with the objective of choosing an integrator capable of supporting us in deploying our ERP.While the choice of Avanade occurred as early as July, we had, at the same time, identified all the adding value of the Magic Software Solution that was embedded in the propsal of another integrator. We then decided to maintain contact with Magic Software independently and directly, as one of the main challages of our project was the need to all our incoming and outgoing data flows.”

The solution

Two Projects: Deploying Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud and, in parallel, developing interfaces to communicate its main software applications through the Magic® xpi integration platform.

These applications include checkout store management, warehouse management system (WMS), cash management, e-commerce site, the B-to-B order partial dedicated to affiliates, and other applications such as expense report management or decision-making tools.

Magic® xpi is a single platform for dynamic, limitless connectivity with a code-free, low-maintenance and unrivalled connectivity and the ability to execute embedded business flows (in the cloud, on-site or hybrid)

“to date, we have deployed more than 50 interfaces and are continuing to orchestrate all our data flows with the main objective of simplifying the maintenance of our business functions, as well as the evolution of our global information system.”
Vincent Peigneux, Head of Data Management and Development at King Jouet
“With Magic® xpi, we are now seeing greater efficiency and collective agaility across the organisation. This work of consolidating our excahnge platform conprises, in our opinion, a core strength of this digital transformation project, and everyday we appreciate the experise and availability of Magic Software consultants at our side to make this project a success .”
Vincent Peigneux, Head of Data Management and Development at King Jouet

The results

  • A central solution providing significant added value beyond the original ERP renewal project   
  • A platform that allows all applications to communicate with each other on a centralized, real-time, and cloud-based database
  • Consolidates the data exchanges and flows, both incoming and outgoing
  • Facilitates collaboration between business teams for increased agility and efficiency at all levels of the organization
  • Simplified maintenance and supports IS scalability
  • Improved delivery times and better inventory and store management
  • A successful digital transformation project with significant productivity gains.

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