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Magic xpa New Generation – 2nd gear going CI/CD

Dear Customer, Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of automating the integration of code changes…

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Digital Transformation Readiness – 7 steps to prepare for IIOT and AI

Manufacturing today faces many challenges including rising operational costs, operational inefficiencies, reduced budgets and the…

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10 Tips for CRM System Integration Projects (Part 2)

In our previous post ” 10 Tips for CRM system integration projects about CRM integration”…

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Congrats To Our Senior Developers!

Congratulations to Wilson Siringoringo and John Threadgill, Two of our senior developers who recently passed…

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What Is Industry 4.0 And Why Is It Such A Challenge For Legacy Manufacturing Systems?

The first industrial revolution introduced mechanization and steam power to industry.  The second introduced electric…

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Healthcare Integration Requires The Right Tools And Partners

Although there has been widespread adoption of electronic health records, the integration of healthcare data…

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Magic xpi Integration Platform Achieves SAP-Certified Integration

Magic’s integration solution empowers customers to automate and optimize processes through interoperability with SAP® Solutions….

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Digital Transformation Readiness: 7 Steps To Prepare For IIOT and AI

Is your organization prepared to reap the benefits of modern digital manufacturing? Manufacturing today faces…

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Build A Smarter Supply Chain With IOT

Last week, when i took a sip of my first cup of coffee in the…