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10 Tips for CRM System Integration Projects

There are at least a dozen oft-quoted industry analyst reports that estimate that the failure…

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Integrate 2 Innovate – Delivering Control, Simply

The Integration Innovators at Integral, invite you to our FREE half-day seminar to learn how…

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Top Operational Challenges For Midsize Manufacturers

In manufacturing, people, processes, and machines ideally team up to produce the best possible product….

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Help! My System Feels All Wrong… Is It My Fault?

Help! My field service software is hard to use and feels all wrong. Is that…

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5 Reasons Why Your CRM And ERP Systems Should Talk

Every company wants to improve their customer relationships and operation efficiency. But in most cases…

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xpi Integration Platform Powered By GigaSpaces InsightEdge For Real-Time Ai and Machine Learning

Fast streaming and advanced analytics provide magic customers real time insights to action required for…

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Aerzener Machinenfabrik Opts For Magic xpi Platform

German Company, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of two-shaft rotary pistons, harnesses the…

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Magic xpi enhances Aisei Pharmacy’s one-to-one marketing

Aisei Pharmacy Dispenses Better Service by Synching Marketo and CRM with Magic Integration Platform Magic…

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Magic Software Wins SugarCRM’s Partner-to-Partner Award

Magic Software Enterprises has been presented with SugarCRM’s global ISV Partner Award for best engaged…