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5 Reasons Why Your CRM And ERP Systems Should Talk

Every company wants to improve their customer relationships and operation efficiency. But in most cases there are two different solutions used for each purpose, CRM and ERP – and they don’t speak to each other

This is a pity because combining and aggregating their data can only improve customer service and efficiency. CRM and ERP systems naturally complement each other

CRM deals with front-end information, such as recording customer interactions, sales tracking, pipeline management, prospecting, and managing marketing campaigns. ERP software handles critical back-end processes, including purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details.

Then these systems are fully integrated employee productivity and job satisfaction is increased while ensuring stronger user adoption of applications. In addition, IT investments are protected by enabling the free flow of data from legacy back office systems.

Here are some additional benefits that contribute directly to the bottom line:

Is integration worth the investment?

There are many benefits of integration beyond improved IT efficiency, the elimination of duplicate data entry and improved development times. The business has even more to gain—CRM-ERP integrations add up to increased revenues and customer satisfaction.

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