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Integration Scenarios and Use Cases

Why do companies use Magic xpi?

Magic xpi allows organisations to integrate their business systems and data, regardless of the platform, application, or data format. This includes integrating CRM, ERP, HR and other business systems, and automating data exchange between them.

By integrating systems and automating processes, Magic xpi helps organisations to operate more efficiently, reducing the time and resources required to complete tasks, and improving overall business performance.

Overall, Magic xpi offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for organisations looking to automate their business processes, integrate their systems and data, and streamline their operations.

Companies that have found success using Magic xpi:

RATIONAL AG uses Magic xpi to digitise sales, marketing, and customer success processes.

What they do:

A global leader in thermal food preparation, creating over 140 million dishes daily.


Automate and digitise the autonomous systems and databases used by the sales, marketing, after-sales and service teams.


  • Single, central customer database
  • Easy mapping of customer journeys from on platform
  • Superior customer experience
  • Fast & Accurate response to customer requests

Seamless Salesforce-SAP Integration

Everything we do is geared towards customer benefit. Thanks to the seamless Salesforce-SAP integration with Magic xpi, we now have a uniform customer database and can fully map our customers’ journeys. The great flexibility of Magic xpi put us in a position to achieve the results we set out to achieve very quickly.
Christoph Ordner
Director of Customer Experience Management

Christofle uses Magic xpi to improve customer experience and modernise business processes.

What they do:

High-end goldsmith and tableware company specialising in exceptional table art, refined jewellery and home accessories since 1830.


Align the organisation with digital transformation trends and improve the quality of customer experience in online transactions.


  • High-end customer experience & service that attracts customers
  • Online data synchronisation improves efficiency & accuracy and reduces errors
  • Personalised customer campaigns based on trends and behaviours
  • Better and simpler management of store inventories worldwide
  • Elimination of costly and time-consuming in-house development cycles

Communication between businesses

To perfect the relationship with our customers and satisfy a high level of requirements, we had to improve the communication between our businesses.
Caroline Roy
Chief Information and Technology Officer

Bender GmbH & Co uses Magic xpi to digitise the back office.

What they do:

Global market leader for electrical safety solutions with two production sites in Germany, 900 employees worldwide, and 70+ representatives in 16 countries.


Establishing an agile and digitised cooperate structure to meet growing customer demands for secure power supplies.


  • Increased efficiency with automated business processes and workflows
  • Seamless integration with SAP, Salesforce and Sharepoint applications
  • Employee app for mobile time recording
  • Elimination of manual programming and interface development

Flexibility and versatility

Magic xpi is a strategic integration platform of central importance for our company. With its flexibility and versatility, Magic significantly supports digital change in our business areas.
Oliver Böhmer

Albéa Packaging uses Magic xpi for better visibility, efficiency and customer satisfaction

What they do:

Manufacturer of the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging.


Achieve clearer visibility into customers’ consumption patterns in order to efficiently coordinate products across multiple sites.


  • One common data model across multiple business applications
  • Visibility and easy access to data for all stakeholders
  • Improvement in sales performance and production cap
  • 360-degree visibility into customer data, and customer MDM
  • Efficient data integration throughout the enterprise

Great efficiency

First tested on an initial CRM-ERP integration project, we quickly noticed the great efficiency of the Magic xpi platform.
The gains in development and deployment agility enabled us to extend the tool to other more strategic
projects, including Customer MDM.
The need to harmonize integration projects reinforced our decision to generalize the platform.
Hurbert Cariou

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