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Will The Internet Of Things Deliver?

Investing in extensive planning for building the right Iot infrastructure is well worth the effort….

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Digitally Transforming E-Commerce Customer Engagement

Enabling excellent e-commerce experiences is a top priority for many companies. This is true more…

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Success Story: ClubMed uses Magic to Increase Efficiency for Tourists with Check-in Mobile App

The Customer 80 Villages Worldwide Industry: Tourism Region: Global Objectives The Project Magic Solution: Magic…

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Benchmarking For Field Service Success

In the field of service industry, operational efficiency is essential for empowering an organisation’s most…

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SupplyIT v12.0 now released under uniPaaS

Following the end of an intensive period of testing, SupplyIT’s first customer goes live with…

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PF Olsen talk about their experience with Integral

PF Olsen on Tackling the Challenge of Delivering Sales and Operational Control, Simply Integral’s CEO…