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SupplyIT v12.0 now released under uniPaaS

Following the end of an intensive period of testing, SupplyIT’s first customer goes live with new version

The evolutionary path for Integral’s ready-to-go solution, SupplyIT had taken a giant leap forward. SupplyIT is a read-to-go solution for streamlined management of company supply chain functions and the first SupplyIT customer has just gone live with the latest version to replace eDeveloper.

Supply IT started life in 1994 as a text-based application built in MSE’s Magic Software under the brand name CUTS Software. This application, initially designed to manage the complexities of the New Zealand Timber Inventory and Processing, quickly proved itself to be a powerful business tool for many other industries.

MSE followed its philosophy of protecting its clients’ investment by releasing newer and more modern versions of the underlying Magic Software, which enabled a relatively simple path to Windows and a GUI interface.  eDeveloper was the next release, with its optional browser interface. More recently uniPaaS with its Rich Internet Application interface and tight integration with the .Net environment was released.

Conversion to eDeveloper saw CUTS rebranded  to Supply IT to reflect the range of software produced by Integral (Share IT, Cost IT and Integral’s own Development Methodology Rapid IT).

In late 2011 the application was converted to uniPaaS, adding better email and PDF reporting and opening the way for Mobile Computing opportunities.

Clients Seger Roading, Wide Open Distributors and Av Parts (NZ) have all been assisting with testing the latest version that has seen MSEs flagship development environment become more mainstream.

Today Wide Open has removed all traces of the eDeveloper version and is fully confident with the latest uniPaaS version, Supply IT v12.0.

If you require an inventory application able to manage stock at either a bulk or batch level with UOM, currency and costing options included and backed by fantastic support, call us on 0800 002-555 to discuss how Supply IT can meet the needs of your Supply Chain Inventory and Distribution needs.

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