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PF Olsen talk about their experience with Integral

PF Olsen on Tackling the Challenge of Delivering Sales and Operational Control, Simply

Integral’s CEO Andrew Taylor says, “Our aim is always to provide value to our clients through software systems, so they in turn provide a better service and value to their clients. PF Olsen is a prime example of this.”

Building an enterprise-wide software solution to replace manual systems, spread sheets and an ageing accounting system is the kind of challenge that software development company Integral thrives on. Over the past fifteen years they have been doing just that with PF Olsen’s core accounting and business systems.

The system has come to be known as FIPS – short for Forest Information and Planning System. In their latest edition of “Wood Matters”, Stephen Bennison, development champion of PF Olsen’s Sales and Operational Planning system talks about their experience and achievements with the project….. click here to read the full story.

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