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Magic Software a Key Ingredient for the Integration of Selerant’s PLM Solution

Leading Product life-cycle Management and Compliance Software Innovator, Selerant, standardises on Magic xpi Integration Platform as base for its integration offering.

Selerant, maker of the web-based Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) tool, DevEX, and related product development software, selected Magic xpi Integration Platform as the foundation of its core integration offering.

Formula-based manufacturers, such as food and pharmaceutical manufactures, rely on Selerant’s DevEX PLM to expedite high-quality products to market in compliance with safety and regulatory standards. However, like virtually any IT system, Selerant provides its ultimate value not as an information silo, but when connected to other business applications. Magic’s code-free drag and drop methodology, robust In-Memory Data Grid architecture, and large library of pre-built adaptors, along with its do-it-yourself Connector Builder, make it an ideal tool for virtually any application integration scenario.

“Magic’s ease of use and variety of proven and certified adaptors to leading enterprise systems, including ERP and CRM applications, enable us to provide our customers with fast, simple and reliable integrations regardless of what systems they need integrated with Selerant,”

“For example, we recently implemented Selerant for a global premium chocolate maker who required integration with their Oracle ERP system to streamline product innovation processes and aid in access to compliance information. With its standardised interfaces between systems, Magic xpi made the entire process quick and easy,”

“As the leading PLM vendor serving formula-based manufacturers, Selerant understands that integration is essential to every PLM implementation.”

Sunil Thomas, COO at Selerant.

“We’re excited that Selerant Chose Magic for their core integration offering and are pleased to add them to our growing list of more than 3000 software development, system integration and technology partners.

Eyal Karney, CEO, Magic Software Americas.

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