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ATLAS Harvest Scheduler V1.6 release now available

A new release with major enhancement for Atlas Harvest Scheduler – V1.6 available now

Harvest Scheduler is now even more comprehensive as a tool to better schedule your harvesting operations.

All Forest Managers should be asking how this can make their processes more efficient and visual. These enhancements adding to the existing ability to manage and estimate production yield, area harvested, crew scheduling and cut plans, all possible for multiple scenarios and variable timeframes. All this complimented with extensive PDF reports, interactive charts and data export’s to Excel for more detailed analysis.

The new enhancements include:

  • Incorporating Stand-based yields when modelling harvest unit production
  • Progressive harvest is reported down to stand level
  • More context information is imported from GeoMaster/Harvest Manager to enable more informative reporting
  • Scheduled harvest dates can be exported back to GeoMaster/Harvest Manager
  • Crew simulation can be applied on a crew by crew basis
  • The simulator engine has been reworked so that it can use multiple core CPUs to full advantage
  • Available crew production days are reported dynamically so that crew utilisation is immediately apparent
  • Reports and Gantt chart run more efficiently

Existing Geomaster users should contact us for a great price to integrate into your suite of Atlas tools New to Atlas organisations, with forest to manage, are encouraged to contact us to see how we can help you to unleash all of the benefits we have to offer  Read more…

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