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Introducing – ICRA


ICRA – Made by Integral

Integral Compliance Register Application

What is ICRA?

ICRA is an application created by Integral Limited to help manage compliance issues and corrective actions. Schedule, assign, coordinate, monitor, communicate and report as you deal with issues and tasks raised.

Example – Used in the food industry and other manufacturing processes to schedule internal audits, calibrations, maintenance and manage compliance issues.

Subscription and cloud-based application. 


Respond rapidly to complaints and incidents that come across the service desk. With this incident management software you can easily manage customer issues and complaints. 

ICRA is the ideal application for people currently managing compliance issues, policy violation, customer complaints and maintenance programs.

The process of solving problems just got a lot easier!

Some of our benefits but NOT all!


ICRA streamlines everyday business processes for optimal productivity and efficiency. 
Enter once, from the primary data source and have it immediately available for all users.

Easy to use

ICRA has a familiar interface and navigation tools delivered via the web without complicated implementation or contracts. 


Use specific dashboards and task lists, export all or some of your data for additional reporting or integration needs.

Sounds like something your business needs?

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Other benefits and features include but are not limited to:

  • Modern and easy to use! 
  • Graphs and charts to see progress.
  • A single source of truth. Integrity rules for accuracy and consistency. 
  • Trace products and batch issues.
  • Streamline Audit preparation and reduce overall compliance issues.
  • Categorise and sub-categorise incidents against customisable lists.
  • Include multiple uploaded documents (Word, pdf, photos etc.). 
  • Easy reporting.
  • Print or email a single Incident Report Form with attachments for offline use and distribution.
  • Export complete dataset for external reporting.
  • Integration with your other applications.
  • This app ticks all the boxes! 

Getting Started:

  • Hosted in the cloud.
  • Scalable – unlimited total stakeholders for assigning and reporting to.
  • Subscription-based – pricing is based on the number of users who can log in and maintain the data.
  • No minimum timeframe or signup contracts, (just agree to our T&Cs) pay monthly or annually.
  • The minimal Start-up fee includes an initial training session, implementation assistance fee and advanced subscription. Ask us for a quote. 
  • 30-day free trial option is available if you wish to try it and ask for our 60-day free start-up offer while it is available. 
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