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Magic Software Releases Magic xpa 4.0

Framework enables rapid development of highly-responsive single page apps

Magic Software Enterprises announced the release of Magic xpa 4.0 with its new powerful Angular-based Web application framework that provides Magic developers and Angular developers with the power to easily develop device-agnostic and feature-packed Web applications.

Using the new framework, developers can now deliver a full-stack solution based on Angular code that is automatically generated from the logic of business applications. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, developed and maintained by Google, that helps developers and designers build dynamic user interfaces for Web applications. Using Magic’s low-code Web application development framework, applications can be deployed on any cloud, device, or browser with zero footprint.

Magic’s Web application framework decouples the business logic from the presentation of the apps providing developers with the flexibility to use the Angular open-source platform with industry-standard state-of-the-art technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for designer-quality screens, while benefiting from the productivity, security, and scalability capabilities provided by Magic’s low-code development platform.

We are excited to bring to market this unique and groundbreaking update of our flagship low-code application development platform, empowering our customers with access to the latest emerging technologies for easy and quick development of high-quality applications, a necessity in the area of digital transformation,”
Yuval Lavi, Vice President Of Technology & Innovation with Magic Software.

An on-demand webinar about the new framework presented by our Web Client Task Force click below:

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