10 steps to lead you through the system integration maze

Download this White Paper to find 10 questions to ask yourself before selecting technology to integrate solutions.

More and more companies do not want to be tied to a single business provider.

They want each of the applications they use to provide the ideal function and cost; the term used for this approach is:

“Best Of Breed”

Many enterprises now use their core systems with other on-premise and on-demand applications: including Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes,, specific IBM i-based software and many other applications.

Tedious manual programming of point-to-point interfaces between solutions can cause the advantages of the best-of-breed approach to completely evaporate—but there is a solution.

Rather than manually programming interfaces, companies can use systematic business process integration solutions that:

  • Speed Project Completion
  • Simplify Integration
  • Reduce Risk
  • Ensure that integration solutions are easily maintained
  • While remaining flexible and adaptable

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