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The Napier Team Take on Hawke’s Bay – Tremains Triathlon

Congratulations to Integral’s Napier team for completing the Tremains Triathlon!

Finishing the Tremains Triathlon in a time of 1:15:01 team “Here 4 Beer” placed 55th out of 99 men’s swim teams. An awesome effort and a day of fun. Even managed to cunningly crash the Big Save Party.

Pictured Above: Wriju with his game face on.
Pictured Above: Damian on the massage table being dealth to with a piece of drain pipe.
Pictured Above: Somewhere in that washing machine is Damian.
Pictured Above: Wriju thinking post race massage would be relaxing.
Pictured Above: Damian Wondering how much Napier sea water does one need to swallow before it’s harmful.
Pictured Above: Post-race hydration for the team aptly named “Here 4 Beer”.
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