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GeoMaster V1.22 released

Integral is pleased to announce a new version of Geomaster. We are calling it Version 1.22!

GeoMaster enables the forest manager to easily manage information about their estate onsite or in office. It is primarily an operational tool used to plan, manage, and report on all activity within a forest.

Version 1.22 includes some stunning new features and bug fixes.

Major new GeoMaster features include:

  • Better support for budgeting and planning within schedules and reports
  • Word templates for prescriptions have been made more customizable
  • Harvester head production files can be imported to monitor cutover
  • Cutover records can have additional attributes populated automatically

Major new GeoMaster Mobile features include:

  • Harvesting related layers and data supported
  • Stand and Setting details can include expected yield information
  • The geometries of notes linked to points, lines & polygons can be edited/moved
  • Tool for generating elevation profiles
  • Tool for importing spatial notes into ArcGIS

GeoMaster v1.22 for ArcGIS v10.1, v10.2, and v10.3 is available for downloading from Dropbox:

There is a corresponding upgrade for GeoMaster Mobile. The installer for GeoMaster Mobile Manager (for Arc 10.2) and documentation are available here:

To upgrade the app on your device either update My Apps or search for GeoMaster on Google Play Store. Remember if you have any issues or wish to trail it – drop us a line!

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