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Extend and Integrate JD Edwards

Extend and Integrate JD Edwards

This blog talks about ways to extend and integrate JD Edwards for organisational business processes. Whether you are wanting to integrate with CRM, Logistics or HR systems Oracle JD Edwards works best.


By working with Magic xpi certified Oracle JD Edwards connector you can extend and integrate it across all of your organisational business processes.

Recognized Oracle Platinum Partner

Working with a recognized Oracle Platinum Partner with over 15 years of integration and automation experience means that you’re in good hands.


Magic makes integration simple with it validated JD Edwards connector, providing optimized connectivity to JD’s fields and objects, even custom ones.


See what the hype is about by joining our hundreds of satisfied customers that have taken advantage of Magic’s acclaimed Oracle JDE integration Expertise.

Flexible Oracle JD Edwards Integration

Flexible integration with multiple applications allows your Oracle JD Edwards ERP System to be integrated with applications such as CRM, Logistics, and HR systems and lets them respond to business events on demand.

Extend the power of JD Edwards

While your Oracle JD Edwards ERP System is excellent for what it was made to do, it doesn’t manage all your business processes.

Integrating your JD Edwards system with your other enterprise system, not only can take your JD Edwards system further. See the benefits below:

  • Take business further by providing a complete view of your business.
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Improving forecasting and decision-making
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Enabling new innovative applications.

Magic’s integration platforms are a perfect fit for system integration and process automation projects with Oracle systems.

JD Edwards

Featured Oracle JD Edwards Integration Customer

Koo Manufacturing used Magic’s Oracle-validated JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Connector and Certified Salesforce connector to integrate its eCommerce and ERP Systems. They used Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Onestop, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to:

  • Improve the flow of information
  • Keep systems up to date

“We found that Magic xpi Provided us with a reliable, rebust and agile solution that is easy to support and scale up. The ease of use within Magic xpi’s code-free environment made the complexity of your business process integration easier to architect and implement”

Soo-Jin Behrstock, CIO at Koos Manufacturing.
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