Wood Flow Optimisation 2016

Come meet the team at Wood Flow Optimisation 2016. We have our ATLAS team coming and WE are an Event Sponsor for Australasia’s Premier Technology Event:

When and Where ?

14-15 September 2016

Rotorua, New Zealand

What is Wood Flow Optimisation 2016?

Wood Flow Optimisation 2016 is a technology event providing insights into innovations being developed and employed by leading forestry, wood products and transport companies. The objective, with 30-40 percent of delivered log costs being contributed by transport is to improve efficiencies through the wood supply chain. The FIEA event is run in both Australia and New Zealand.

Over 300 forest managers, harvesting contractors and wood transport companies in the region participated in FIEA’s Wood Flow Logistics event in June 2014. Local companies were keen on checking out just what innovations had been developed and how these new technologies were being employed in processing and transporting wood – from harvest operations through to the manufacturing plant or port. An array of new decision support tools being used successfully in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Brazil and Chile by larger forest products companies were discussed as part of this 2014 technology series.

Wood Flow Optimisation 2016 will again provide an independent platform for local companies. It will be a unique opportunity to review the very latest tools & new innovations that have been developed, adopted and used to improve planning, logistics & operations within the wood supply chain.

What’s being covered?

  • Effective tools for collaboration through the wood supply chain
  • Remote sensing and real-time tracking of logs and wood products
  • Innovative systems to integrate planning, operations, harvesting, transport & sales
  • Advances in automated measurement, materials handling, packaging, freight forwarding and distribution
  • New innovations around wood harvesting, trucking, rail and shipping
  • New mobile communications and options for integrating into local operations
  • Developments in information technology and data management
  • Impacts of robotics, automation, machine learning, telematics and UAV’s being seen in supply chain management
  • Health and safety initiatives around forestry and wood transport operations
  • International models that add value to supply chain management

Who will be attending?

  • Forestry managers
  • Forest owners
  • Technical foresters
  • Forestry consultants
  • Forestry researchers
  • Harvest and wood flow planners
  • Harvesting and haulage contractors
  • Transport operators
  • Supply chain and logistics companies
  • Key suppliers to forest growing, wood harvesting and transport operations

Read more about the wood flow Optimisation 2016 event and register here.

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