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Introducing: Magic xpa 3.3!

You Asked. Magic Listened.

Magic Software Enterprises has been working hard to meet your demands and here are the new features that are now part of the Magic xpa Application Platform:

  • A more seamless and easier integration with Java, similar to Magic’s integration with .NET.
  • An enhanced Web Services offering allowing to consume Web Services via Apache Axis2, providing an open source and more efficient and scalable XML-oriented Web services framework for the consumer side. The provider side will be available in the next version.
  • An upgraded help system that is HTML5-based to improve customers’ experience and ability to quickly find the information they are looking for.
  • Improved code reuse by allowing recursion of components.
  • The Browser control is now also supported for GUI Display forms.
  • You can set a different color for each row in a table.
  • You can now see the table thumb at the correct location by acquiring the total number of records in the range in RIA and Online.
  • MSE further modernized their IDE with GUI Output forms now available in the new Visual Studio-based Form Designer.
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